A night by the sea

Taking summer and beach to a party

A night by the sea

Type: Design

Client: OMAU Málaga (Urban Environement Observatory)

Use: Scenography

Site: Malaga

Year: 2015

We were called to set a scenographic design for OMAU’s party on the museums night at Malaga.

“Looking at the sea in the OMAU” is an opportunity to make a reflexion about the sea. We focused on the beach as a natural territory which is enjoyed by citizens.

We tried to recreate a representative image of the beach. So we built a blue balloons sea in the entrance, a forest made of hanging bottles in which you could send messages, “chiringuitos” to get some food, an open-air cinema and a chill-out space with umbrellas and chairs to relax. The goal was to create a place to chill and enjoy party.

We wanted to think about how many possibilities of enjoining the beach we have but also plan a city celebration.