HamletMachine set design

Behind me the scenery is being taken down. By people who are not interested in my drama, for people, to whom it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me either. I’m not playing along anymore. Heiner Müller

HamletMachine set design

Type: Design

Client: Virginia Rodríguez

Use: Set design

Site: Málaga

Year: 2013

A 2 meters high wall with irregular sides. That is the only element which compounds every scenic piece. A wall means separation, war, exclusion. But the wall was also built by men and can be destroyed by men. The wall can join or separate, so it can build or change spaces.

The wall is built by 5 different size blocks. They can separate and configure the space in different ways. Blocks are easy to move so actors themselves can work whit them making their own acting spaces.